First Annual Firefighter Swear in Dinner 2014

Davis Fire has been serving the community for years. Its entire Dept is made up of volunteers only, that take time away from their families and work to provide service free of charge.

This is the first time Davis Fire has had a swearing ceremony. Chief (Ed Koelling), Asst. Chief (Bruce Landsinger) started off the night by taking an oath by the Board of Trustees to provide professional service and to uphold every aspect of the Davis Fire Protection District.  Chief (Ed Koelling) and Asst. Chief (Bruce Landsinger) then swore in all officers and Firefighters taking the same oath, to uphold and to provide service to the community in which they live.

I take a large amount of pride knowing that I can be a part and play a role in providing service to our community. We have an awesome group of guys that bring years of experience and many different specialties to our dept. Everyone on our team has brought something to the table to improve our dept. We do this job for free knowing that our families and community will remain protected and safe. I am very proud of this dept and hope to continue excellent service to our community. – Ed Koelling (Chief)


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